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2004 Impreza STi

Strut tops and Camber Plates
Camber Bolts
Strut Bars
Swaybars and Swaybar mounts/bushings


STi Version 8 OEM or STi Version 8 Arai Pink Struts and Ohlins Fixed Perch Struts (for 04 STI) are the only direct replacement struts for 2004 STi.

*There is now a KYB GR2 strut available in 04 STI fitment.

Koni Inserts have a 04 WRX fitment; however they will not fit in 2004 STi strut bodies due to the inverted design of the STi struts. They can be fitted to any 02-07 Impreza WRX or RS strut body. Fitting them to wagon strut bodies will result in extra negative camber. This assembly will fit a 2004 STi without issue. See here for install

The following OEM and aftermarket struts for 02-03 Impreza can work in 2 ways.

2. KYB GR2
3. Tokico HP
4. Tokico D-SPEC
5. STi/SPT Version 7

Either by using 02-03 springs and 02-03 rear strut top mounts.


By using 04+ style springs, 04+ style rear strut top mounts, and the Scooby921 strut spacer, available here:

05+ STi struts will not fit.


Springs designed for 04-07 STi will fit.

Springs for 04-07 RS or WRX will fit, but will be too soft for the stock struts.

To use springs designed for 02-03 Impreza, you must use 02-03 Impreza struts and rear strut top mounts.

See strut section above for spring fitment when using 02-03 struts.

Strut tops and Camber Plates

All 02+ RS, WRX, and STi front strut top mounts and front camber plates will fit the front.

02-03 rear strut tops fit the rear only with 02-03 springs.

04+ style rear strut top mounts require 04+ style springs.

WRX and STi strut tops are the same stiffness. STi strut tops are NOT Group N strut top mounts, which are even stiffer.

Camber bolts

All 02-07 Impreza RS, WRX and STi camber bolts are interchangeable and 14mm.

Strut Bars

Front and rear strut bars from any 02-07 RS, WRX, and STi will fit.


Any complete coilover for 02-07 RS, WRX and 04 STi will fit.

05+ STi coilovers will not fit.

Swaybars and Swaybar mounts/bushings

All rear swaybars from any 04-07 STi will fit. WRX rear sway bars will not fit.

Front swaybars for 02-07 WRX sedan will fit.

Front swaybars for 02-07 Impreza RS will not fit.

Front swaybars for 02-07 Impreza Wagon will not fit.


Front endlinks from any sedan 02-07 RS, WRX, or STi will fit the sedan.

Front endlinks from any 02-07 wagon will not fit.

Rear endlinks from any 04-07 STi will fit.

Rear endlinks from any 02-07 WRX or RS will not fit.


All rear lateral links and trailing arms for 02-07 RS and WRX, and 04 STi will fit, except from a wagon. Rear Lateral Links from a WRX will require rear WRX endlinks and WRX rear swaybar.

All front control arms for 02-07 RS, WRX and STi will fit, except from a wagon. Control arms are aluminum for STi and have greater caster, except in 07 which have the same amount of caster as the WRX.

All Anti-lift kits for 02-07 WRX and STi will fit.
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