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Default Water coming out the tail pipe.....Head Gasket or something worse? I am having issues and I know its at least a head gasket. My question is, if water is coming pretty steadily out of the tail pipe when I crank the car, does that mean its something worse then just a head gasket? I've been having misfire issues lately too (cylinder 1 and 3).

Essentially what happened was, I was driving home from my family's house in the mountains of Colorado and it started to overheat. I figured I had a coolant leak somewhere so I stopped and topped off the radiator. This made it better, but it still wasn't happy. It ran well enough to get me home though. The weirdest thing that happened was that when I let off the gas and coasted with the engine in gear, it made backfire style popping noises that went away once I was back on the gas.

When I went out to start it this morning, I topped it off again to be sure and noticed that it was leaking a bit around the bottom radiator hose, so I tightened that up and filled the Radiator up.

However, when I went to start the car it bogged big time and made lots of very unhappy noises, and started spewing water out of the tail pipe. It will crank but is very unhappy about it.

So what I think is happening is that the head gasket on the passenger side has blown, and that has caused those cylinders to fill with water. My big question is, do any of you think that it did more damage then just the head gasket? I won't have a chance to get it to a mechanic (or tear it apart myself) for a bit so I just want some opinions on what it could be and a plan of action. I think I am capable of doing this myself, but I'm not sure I want to because of time issues and such.

Any ideas or input?

Josh H
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