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Default Brake Supersticky: brake upgrade FAQ, tech in, Brembo info, and other upgrades:

The OFFICIAL Brake Upgrade / Big Brake Kit FAQ!

Technical information

Notes on Brake Interchangeability new!

The STi Brembo Brake FAQ new!

Brake Tech

Compiled brake information: Lists of caliper types and rotor sizes for several years of Impreza and Legacy.

Brake Fluid Info (the reference post)

Brake Fluid and Cold Temps.

I'll call it, "Mini brake test" (WRX v. BMW braking distance and fade)

Factors that contribute to lost brake pedal travel

Wanna help me do some brake math? (master cylinder / brake sizing)

For those that like pulling the ABS fuse (also info on brake vacuum boosters)

Brake Performance Vs. Brake Feel

How many suppliers sell brake pads to Subaru?

ABS Variables?

H6 rear brake upgrade compatibility with 04+ cars

New: How to read ABS light trouble codes:


How to rebuild your Brembos

Where to find Brembo touchup paint

FYI...Where to apply grease during brake pad install

Poor mans way of bleeding a system with ABS

spongy brake pedal after SS line install?

how do i know when my pads need changing?

rust on rotors

Flushing Brakes

Adjusting brake pedal free play


Impreza L to 03 WRX front brake conversion

Upgrading Rear Brankes '03 TS - Drum to Disc

Subaru rear brake redux

H-6 brake upgrade for dummies

H6 Rear Rotor Options for WRX

Upgrading front brakes alone - throw off brake balance?

Way too increase rear brake bias/pressure?

confusion with oem subaru 4-piston front calipers [/quote]

The difference between various 02-03 WRX pad sizes:[/quote]

Help! My ABS freaks out and the car doesn't stop!
WRX antilocks + bumps = dirty drawers!
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