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Originally Posted by jerseyman201 View Post
so maybe its subaru windshields? I had similar problem where i had crack down windshield from top, no idea how it got there..was getting my haircut one minute, came out and crack was there. no scratch, no mark, no chip, nothing. turns out insurance covered it. i had a glass place look at it though and they said it was very possible to be defective, either a bubble in the glass or improperly sealed from manufacturer.
it is quite possible. I remember learning of some of the changes before new cars even showed up in the late 80s. Thinner everything, including play doh like unibody for acoustics, electronics and less rust. Saving glass was one of the retarded things that really happened, windshields are bigger than the past, and they try using the same amount of material. Subaru is just one of all car companies that fall for that stupid board meeting of car gods who get away with it until a baby gets an eye taken out in a heartfelt story on national news because a bug hit the windshield (I do not know if that has ever happened, but you may get the point- like a bad goodyear on an explorer). Anyway, I verified it myself from a local glass guy: old cars may very well get thinner replacements, for the same goal as new cars with more glass. I have a 1987 GL that broke over something ridiculous, and learned it was a replacement standard. I literally took an original used one of 17 years out to get to the 5mm thickness like original.
Another thing to look for, is thin glass replacement and of course not knowing until measured. Subaru unibodies are still using tower braces on bigger power, like the old ones. Thick glass is literally part of unibody strength.
BTW, this thread and question is already here somewhere, I answered yet again the similar answer.
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