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man o man, I do not envey the road you are desiring to I have been there, still trying to get there, and I'm absolutely misearable.

I would highly recomend keeping everything simple, and "replace as you go." I would start out with an UR 35r kit, stock block/heads/cams, and run race gas. You will easily make low/mid 500's on a "reliable" setup. The bang for the buck is untouchable, and the diff between 550 and 600 is negligible. Save your money on building a monster setup, stay simple and buy a few drums of c16.

do you have any other specific goals other than 600whp? like qtr mile et's/mph, bragging rights, etc. there might be an easier fight to pick then the dreaded "monster build."

Originally Posted by SloRice View Post
Axis Racing Stage 5 short block
Axis Racing P&P heads, oversized valves and cams
Full-Race GT35R twinscroll turbo kit
Ultimate Racing 1000cc or 1600cc fuel rail kit
Buschur Racing dual fuel pump kit
Hydra EMS
Exedy triple plate clutch

That's a short list of the big items you will need. That will easily eat your $16k up.
I have the very same setup, except a UR 35r kit. the exedy triple is a drivetrain killer, quickly led to the demise of my stock axles, cv joints, and syncros. I have been waiting 8 months to turn the key on this project, almost there just waiting for TopSpeed to tune this weekend.

good luck!
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