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Question flashing CEL?

hey guys

i just put in an Apex ITC and as i was driving home my CEL started to flash at me?? it was a consistent blink....did i blow something?? i was driving it kindda hard....i am also running really really rich....i haven't had the time to lean out my RRFPR yet....i checked my spark plugs yesterdays and found out that my installer forget to pull out my stock basically i have been driving around about 400 miles with my sucky champions...they were super black....i hope this hasn't done any damage to the idle is horrific and i bog a engine also died on the road yesterday too...i did retard about 3-4 degrees around the 4500-5600 and 5600 and up RPM range....i don't even know if my ITC is working with those horrible plugs....i picked up some brand new OEM plugs today just for now and save my colder NGK for later when my friends and i get together for a tuning session...i drove it around today and nothing out of the ordinary....just the usual bogging and hesitation when starting the ignition....anyone know what could've caused the flashing CEL?? thanx guys

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