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Default GT37R, bugeye

We finally got my Bugeye on the dyno, I don't usually post much about my cars because I have never felt a need too but a couple of people have suggested that it would be nice for the rest of the community to see what we have done with the car.
First a couple of pics then the build details. Keep in mind the car isn't totally done, we still need to tuck up all the lines, shorten a few of them etc..

2.5 liter
Stock Crank
Pauter Rods
CP Pistons
Total Seal Gapless Rings
ACL Race Bearings
Version 8 JDM Heads
Ferrea Double Valve Springs
Ferrea Titanium Retainers
Ferrea 1mm Oversize Valves
Batlground Custom Ground Cams
Cometic Gaskets
ARP Head Studs
Magnus Intake Manifold
Aeromotive Fuel Rails
1600cc injectors
AEM injector driver
Custom Fuel System by me

Turbo Setup
What is commonly referred to as a GT37R
Turbo Trix Exhaust Manifold...Modified
Tial 44mm Wastegate
Batlground Custom Exhaust
Batlground Custom Intercooler

PPG 5 speed Straight Cut Syncro Box

This car has been a long time in the making. Ill get Mike to post the low boost dyno charts on Monday. Apparently after reading some post by Ron at Axis it appears that I didn't torque the head studs correctly. So after the first heat cycle we popped a head gasket...just barely. So I'll be pulling the motor on Monday and replacing the head gaskets probally with something a little thinner.

The car made 500whp at 18lbs spinning it to 7500rpms, we plan on spinning it to 8000rpms....but with didn't get a chance yet. It spools about the same as a GT35R with 1.06 backside. It doesn't look like 700whp is going to be a problem at all. I'll post more as we continue tuning.

Big Thanks to the guys at Batlground Motorsports Engineering. Brandon the head Mechanic has put everything he has into this project, he is the only mechanic that has ever touched this car. Dan has been awesome and he will settle for nothing less than perfection in his tunes. Scott Siegel the new arrival at Batlground has been there for technical guidance and general Subaru knowledge. Mike who usually handles front office duties was there all night the other night helping us get the car done. I can't say enough good things about these guys...Also a big thanks to Andrew at for hooking us up with a gearset to get this beast down the track.

I'm open to questions if there is anything you want to know please ask.

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