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Super Slow


yeah thats exactly what happens....i start the car and its like it's barely starting up.....i try reving my engine to see what happens and the throttle response is extremely slow....i have to wait about 20 to 30 seconds to have it start idleing....i got the OEM models....i figure...until i have the time to tune my car i might as well not run good NGK and have them burned idle is still on the rough side and still running really i suppose to clean the O2 sensors too when i change my sparks.....its weird because the slow start up seems to happen after the ITC got putted in....i think its the bad signal from the ITC thats making it hesitate at start up.....forgive me for my ignorance but is knocking actually detination or something less serious....because i would rather have a sensitive electronic device to tell me when its knocking rather than by ear....when i tune down my Cartech RRFPR to lean it out i am suppose to listen for knocking and rich it back up....i think a knocking sensor can detect it better....this will also help me tune the ITC to retard at that certain RPM when knocking occurs.....thanx

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