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No, none of that is correct. My first post is correct in that there is no answer to your question. The math in the other posts assumes a constant rate of acceleration, which absolutely does not apply here. You can have two cars with identical 0-60 times, but they have traveled a different distance over that time. The Impreza RS was always a good test for this because of its low-end torque. When you compare it to other cars with similar 0-60 times, say a new Honda Civic SI, the Impreza would cover more distance over that time. Just take a look at their 0-30 times compared. The Impreza is .5-.8 s faster to 30 than the Civic, which gives it a huge leap on it. But the Civic has a good top-end and a good hp/weight ratio, so in mph it does catch up right around 60 mph, but it's still trailing the Subaru.

Another good way to think about this is the 1/4 mile times. In this example, the distance is guaranteed to be the same. So if the math in the previous post was to hold true, two cars with identical 1/4 mile times would also have identical trap speeds. Anybody who's ever looked at 1/4 mile times knows this to not be true. We'll use the Impreza RS and Civic Si as good examples again. These cars have similar 1/4 mile times, but the Civic has a trap speed of around 3-4 mph faster than the Subaru. The explanation for this is the same as the first paragraph.

And by the way, yes, I am a math expert.
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