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Originally posted by bryanw
No, none of that is correct. My first post is correct in that there is no answer to your question. The math in the other posts assumes a constant rate of acceleration, which absolutely does not apply here. You can have two cars with identical 0-60 times, but they have traveled a different distance over that time. The Impreza RS was always a good test for this because of its low-end torque. When you compare it to other cars with similar 0-60 times, say a new Honda Civic SI, the Impreza would cover more distance over that time. Just take a look at their 0-30 times compared. The Impreza is .5-.8 s faster to 30 than the Civic, which gives it a huge leap on it. But the Civic has a good top-end and a good hp/weight ratio, so in mph it does catch up right around 60 mph, but it's still trailing the Subaru.

Another good way to think about this is the 1/4 mile times. In this example, the distance is guaranteed to be the same. So if the math in the previous post was to hold true, two cars with identical 1/4 mile times would also have identical trap speeds. Anybody who's ever looked at 1/4 mile times knows this to not be true. We'll use the Impreza RS and Civic Si as good examples again. These cars have similar 1/4 mile times, but the Civic has a trap speed of around 3-4 mph faster than the Subaru. The explanation for this is the same as the first paragraph.

And by the way, yes, I am a math expert.
Hence why we should look at the acceleration specs for an RS. ie how certain magazines break up the first 60 mph into 10 mph intervals. This wouldn't give an exact model of the acceleration. But it would be pretty good. We can assume that two normal aspirated RSs have similar acceleration models, even though you might have to adjust the co-efficient on the model.
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