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A good and a bad review of Synaptic3.
We will first start with the bad, here’s the deal. I called Synaptic3 to get a catch can, oil change, and 2 coolant lines (turbo lines to and from the turbo) fixed on my car. I brought my car up and left it overnight with them and said I would pick it up the next night around 6 or so. I got up there and my car wasn’t finished which wasn’t a problem because I was doing some things in the area. So I said I would come back later that evening to pick it up and came back around 10:30pm (still not a problem). When I came back the said they had ran out of hose to attach the catch can to the car so they told me I would have to come back another time or they could ship it to me which was kind of a pain but no big deal as people run out of stock sometimes. I went in to pay for everything and the bill came out to $616.96 which I kind of did a double take when Ron said that but was really just to tired to deal with it at the time. On my way home I really got to thinking about it and didn’t agree that it took them 4.75 hours to do those 3 things that really should have taken about 2.5 hours to do. Again this was just an oil change, 2 coolant hoses and a catch can install that they mounted to the grounding wire that is on the front fender well, no custom fabrication. I have spoken to 5 other people about this and they all agreed that the amount of time taken to do this is double the time that is should have been. I called the next day and spoke with Dana and he said that Aaron had done the job and he could better break down the labor for me. He called me back and he told me what he had done which I still questioned. He told me that he had to cut the catch can to fit in my car and also the coolant hoses were melted on to the fittings but I have taken melted coolant lines off and they just take a little pulling. That’s how he explained the labor had taken so long. There were no questions about it “labor is labor “, that is what I was told.

Below is the actual invoice typed not scanned:

install catch can, install samco Flex hose to water in/out on turbo Change oil and filter Quantity 4.75 price each $85.00 Amount $403.75 this is the labor

Vibrant catch can $125.99
Samco 13mm superflex black $30.16
Subaru sti oil filter $7.85
Mobile 1 10/30 $29.21
Misc consumables: zip ties, flex $20.00
Loom, wire, terminals, heat shrink
Electrical tape, screws, adhesives
Sealant, lubricants

all of the prices being fine except for the labor.


Giving the benefit of the doubt that an oil change could take up to 30-40 minutes and changing the 2 coolant lines maximum of 1 hr since I myself have done them in less and a catch can that wasn’t even hooked up to anything just the can bolted to the ground wire on the front fender which should take way less than 1 hour to turn one bolt somehow took them 3 hours and 15 minutes.
This bill is not justified to me at all and I am not pleased with synaptic at all. For roughly another hundred dollars I could have had a clutch and flywheel installed in my car.

This was my second time at Synaptic. However my first experience I was quite pleased with everything they did. I had my brakes bleed w/Motul 5.1 installed Poltec front end links and corner balanced & aligned my car. All with the labor rate of 3.5 hours which was how much I was expecting to pay. My total bill including buying the end links and brake fluid from them with a 3% service charge for using a credit car totaled to $420.64. This was a lot more work as you can see and it cost me $200 less dollars some how I find this to be odd. Small jobs such as my oil change, 2 coolant lines, and catch can cost a lot more than having a few labor intensive jobs such as my alignment, brake bleed, corner balance, and front end links installed.

Thanks for reading

*edit* updated
Dana and I have been contacting through email and he has brought a great solution to the table and all is worked out. I couldn't say enough about what they are doing to make this right and plan on many more trips up to Synaptic. A huge thank you to Dana and everyone at Synaptic for making good out of a bad situation.
Thanks Guys
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