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Thumbs down Another bad cop experience

Yesterday, on the way back home from the track. I got pulled over on Boniface. The cop walks up and says, "looks like your racing through traffic." I tell him that the old lady in front of me kept hitting her brakes and speeding up so I went around. Then he says, "It's probably because you were riding her ass." I was thinking, she was old. Puhleeezzz, the woman would've had to be fine for me to ride her ass and I wouldn't be riding her ass if she didn't keep stomping on her brakes. He then says, "Can you roll up your window?" I rolled it up and he then describes how my tint is illegal because it is too dark. He says, "It can only be 75% and your's looks to be somewhere around 60%. The people who tinted your windows should have told you that." Good thing the sun was shining that day because if it was dark I'm sure he would have said it was darker. Next, he tells me that my exhaust is too loud and that anything other than stock is illegal according to some municipality ordinance. I tried not to make any faces that showed my disgust and just said, "Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Uh-huh." Finally, before he leaves he mentions with a smirk, "I pulled you over because the people who have cars like yours have been running from us. They think it's fun. I'll let you go with a warning, get that stuff fixed and have a nice day."

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