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Originally Posted by mick_the_ginge View Post
No disrespect Skully, but why do people always come to the conclusion that it's the tune? Does everyone think that a daily driven 11 second car is going to last forever!!! Get a grip people. Engines fail and it would not matter how conservative a tune is if the block is putting down serious power it's not if it's going to fail it's WHEN. And lets face it, with an 11 second car their is no such thing as conservative.................

I feel for STi_Guy04 as I know too well what it's like to loose an engine but the key is to identify what actually failed and fix it for the next time.

Yes, a bad tune can break engines but it's unlikely that a car that runs multiple 11 second passes has a bad tune. Maybe the water/meth injection failed?

It's good that STi_Guy04 spotted the issue now before the whole engine lets go. This will reduce the rebuild cost.
Yeah its true you cant expect them to last forever... I some how feel that if i where just doing lower speed racing or 1/4 mile passes the motor will last alot longer.. I lost my last motor on the same cyl bombing down the freeway in the top of 5th gear. there is just something about high speed racing in our cars that just doesnt like... I`am sure the motor got quite tired of putting out 400 something whp & doing 150ish.. Was not the best decision lol

For the tune Not to much to say there the car was damn fast on pump and race. I was running 22-23psi when it happend. with methanol/h2o Funny thing is i run a really rich tune on pump gas and race anyway.. about 10.8-10.7 afr I installed my meth/h20 kit after my tune so i never tuned or leaned out my afr for the extra power.. I just squirt the stuff in to be safe? Bad Idea??

But Yeah I only drove like 15mile on the car after in failed me Well cool thing is All the labor is free. I do all the work myself so only cost is parts. I have a second car. and I`ll never do this freeway racing again haha

I`ll have the block out by then end of this week, and torn down over the weekend I`ll keep you all posted.. My Guess Is broken Ringlands on #4 cyl

Oh and what do you all mean by the number when your talking about the mahle pistions? I understand that has something to do with the type of metals used and strength and expansion rates of the pistion? but what do you look for, For building our boxer motors.. does anyone have any recommendations of Really high quality pistions.. I think i am going to step up the CR ratio to about 9.0 or 9.5 always wanted to try that out.

oh and thanks again for the info!!!
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