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06 sti

Default spark plug warranty issue

Name: Sean

Make: 06 sti

Mileage: 17k

Time Out Of Use: 1day

Problem And Likely Cause: spark plugs

Modifications: none

Submitted For Warranty Work (Yes/No): yes

Reason Given For Denial: wrong spark plugs in car

Your Story: I bought my 06 sti bout six months ago. It had after market intake and bov, both installed with no tune. I took those parts off and put all new factory parts back on it. A few weeks ago I started having rough idle. So I thought it was the spark plugs fouling because of the after market parts and improper use of them. I searched around for a week trying to figure out what plugs to use. I found the Spark plug FAQ on here
It was recommended to use "
The correct spark plug for you is SOA part number 22401AA630.
Denso Iridium IKH22 is the correct sized one step colder plug as seen on this thread.
NGK LFR7AIX (#2309) is the correct sized one step colder plug as seen on this thread.I could not find LFR7AIX in stock any where in reno nv. So I bought LFR6AIX. CEL comes back on the day after I installed the new plugs. So I took it to the dealer to have it checked out. They told me that the wrong plugs are in the car and that is what is causing the problem. They wanted $400 to fix the car since the plugs were not covered under the warranty (the correct plugs from the dealer are $22 each). And they suggested not to drive my car at all because it will cause further damage to the car. This made me mad, I've done the search to find out what to use. And they wont honor the warranty. I'm not saying that the spark plug FAQ is wrong but. just a warning to all the people using any plug other then stock could have this same problem. I told the guy that I cant afford to pay for it right now and if I take the car home and put the right plugs from the dealer in, will they honor the warranty. He told me yes it would and that I can bring the car back they will look at it again to see what the underlying problem really was. The service adviser then told me that it was going to be $103.00 for them just to look at the car because the incorrect plugs took it out of warranty. I was even more angered I told him that I came in for a check to see why the CEL was on and the car was under the org. warranty so it should not cost me anything. We talked about it he told me he understands and the they will wave that fee this time as a courtesy. And when I bring the car back with the right plugs they will not charge because the car will be back under warranty.

My question is has any other member here had this same problem?
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