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Default Engines/AccesPORTS Back In Stock! VF34-Helix DP-Gruppe-S Manifold-Turbo Back Combos-

Good news guys. The new container just landed with engines.These engines are in almost new cherry condition. Each engine has been leak down, and compression tested before put on the market! These will sell fast get yours today before we sell out!!! You wont find engines in better condition for the prices we are selling them for guaranteed!!
AccesPORTS just came in get them while there in stock this item is guaranteed to sell out!


-Found in the Legacy 05-07/ Tribecca 05-06
-250hp/ 267 ft.lbs
-Compression Tested

$1500 plus shipping


-Found in the Tribecca 07-08
-256 hp/ 247 ft.lbs
-Compression Tested

$1995 plus shipping


-Found in the Legacy GT 05-07/ Forester FXT 04-07/ WRX 06-07
-250 hp/ 241 ft.lbs
-Compression Tested

$3000 plus shipping

EJ25 STi

-Found in the USDM 04-07 WRX STi
-300 hp/ 300 ft.lbs
-Compression Tested

$3700 plus shipping

Subaru Transmission

5 Speed Manual $1500 plus shipping
6 Speed Manual $3500 plus shipping

WRX 6MT (STi) Transmission Installation Kit $1499 Shipped

There back in stock the world famous AccessPORT. Guaranteed to sell out dont miss out.
For thoes that dont know The AccessPORT by COBB Tuning, Inc. is a handheld programmer that allows you to unlock your vehicle's hidden potential by reprogramming the stock Engine Control Unit (ECU). With a short and guided installation process you can upgrade the ECU in your car from stock to one of our performance oriented tuning maps. The unit uses the OBD-2 diagnostic port, and requires no cutting, wiring, or other such modifications, simply plug-and-play.Using our off-the-shelf staged maps, the AccessPORT can unlock the potential of your vehicle by as much as 50hp, and more based on further modifications. The possibilities are endless since the AccessPORT is a short ProTUNE away from giving your car even more potential from the staged maps.

Cobb AccessPORT

WRX/ STi/ Forster Xt/ Legacy GT/ Outback XT $695 Shipped

AccessPORT/ Turboback Combos

Cobb AccesPORT/ Helix Catted Downpipe/ Greddy TI-C Exhaust $1335 Shipped
Cobb AccesPORT/ Helix Catted Downpipe/ Blitz NUR Spec-R Exhaust $1385 Shipped
Cobb AccesPORT/ Helix Catted Downpipe/ HKS Hiper Exhaust $1375 Shipped
Cobb AccesPORT/ Helix Catted Downpipe/ Apexi GT Spec Exhaust $1410 Shipped
Add a Gruppe-S Exhaust Manifold for $300
Add a Helix Up-Pipe for $120
Add Both for $400

AccessPORT/ TMIC Combos

WRX Cobb AccesPORT/ Spearco TMI $1315 Shipped Free Gruppe-S Y Pipe
STi Cobb AccesPORT/ Spearco TMI $1375 Shipped

AccessPORT/ AEM UEGO Combo

AccessPORT/ AEM UEGO $945 Shipped

AccesPORT Intake Combos

AccesPORT/ AEM CAI $745 Shipped
AccesPORT/ Apexi Power Intake with Induction Box $830 Shipped
AccesPORT/ Greddy Arinx $725 Shipped
AccesPORT/ HKS Super Mega Flow $725 Shipped
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