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Awesome engine deals. Buy any these Turboback Exhaust combos and get a pair of Gruppe-S Hood Dampers for Free! Yes for free a $80 Value. Get them while their hot.
Back in stock specials as well VF34/ Gruppe-S Exhaust Manifolds and Helix downpipes.
Dont forget our Super Cheap Intake Combos

Turbo Back Exhaust Combos
Tired of getting hasseld for a loud exhaust?
All of our Gruppe-S turbo back combos allow you stay complinat with noise ordinanced with most states without sacrificing performance.


Helix Catted Downpipe + Greddy SP2 Exhaust $855 Shipped
Helix Catted Downpipe + Blitz Nur-Spec Touring Exhaust $955 Shipped
Helix Catted Downpipe + Apexi World Sport Exhaust $785 Shipped
Helix Catted Downpipe + Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust $925 Shipped
Helix Catted Downpipe + Prodrive Exhaust $855 Shipped
Free Gruppe-S Hood Dampers with Exhaust Combo Purchase

Tanabe Concept G Blue Turboback $749 Shipped!!
Greddy TI-C Catback $525 Shipped!!
Greddy EVO 2 Catback $555 Shipped!!
HKS HI-Power Catback $499 Shipped!!
RSR EX GT2 Catback $450 Shipped!!
RSR EX-Mag Catback $800 Shipped!!
All Exhaust In Stock Ready to Ship
Add a Helix Catted Downpipe for $300

Back In Stock Specials
Buy any These In Stock Specials and get a Gruppe-S Lightweight Crank Pulley For Only $50

Helix Catted Downpipe
The Helix Catted Downpipe incorporates Helix Power’s first-rate bell-mouth downpipe, with the addition of a 200 cell Metal-Substrate high-flow catalytic converter and thermal barrier heat-shield. The 200 cell Metal-Substrate downpipe has been tested by us to yield 7-10whp over the factory twin cats, while able to pass stringent California smog standards on the WRX / STI. The thermal barrier heat-shield assists in rapid warm-up of the cat for maximum efficiency and helping to reduce engine bay temperatures.

Helix Catted Downpipe
$329 Shipped!!

Gruppe-S V2 Manifold
The Gruppe-S manifold is a 4 to 1 unequal length manifold. It will retain your boxer rumble and features T304 Stainless Steel piping, mandrel bends, and CNC precision cut flanges. The 4-1 collector is cast to ensure the smoothest possible low rates. This header is dyno proven to make power; it will not lose power or torque in 2.5L applications anywhere in the RPM range. 2.0L motors will lose some low-end and mid- range power to gain more high-end power and torque. The more modified your vehicle is, the more pronounced the gains from these headers will be.
Also available with the optional thermal outside coating that eliminates heat loss from the exhaust gasses (as compared to stock headers). Because warmer air travels more quickly and expands more quickly, this helps to spool the turbo more quickly

Gruppe-S V2 Manifold Stainless Steel
$379 Shipped
Gruppe-S V2 Manifold Thermal Coated
$529 Shipped

Gruppe-S Intercooler Y-Pipe Kit
The Gruppe-S intercooler hose kit replaces the corrugated rubber stock y-pipe, smoothing and increasing the airflow, making for a nice increase in power and better boost response. Includes a cast-aluminum Y-pipe, premium quality 4-ply silicon hoses, clamps. This kit will work for STi TMICs being installed on WRXs.

Gruppe-S Y-Pipe Kit 02-05 WRX $75 Shipped

IHI VF34 Turbo 400HP Package
The IHI VF-34 Turbo is found on the limited production Subaru v7 WRX STI-RA (GDB). This turbo is differentiated from the VF30 through its more advanced bearing design. The bearing design allows for much quicker turbo spool-up (depending on tuning, 300-500+ RPMs over the VF30), while retaining the power capabilities of the VF30. The VF34 is capable of 400 HP. This turbo is a direct bolt-on for all GC8, GDA, GDB EJ20 turbo engines.

IHI Turbo Package

- IHI VF34 Turbo
- STI 565cc Injectors,
- Walbro GS342 Fuel Pump w/ setup kit

IHI VF34 Turbo 400HP Package $1275.00 Shipped!!
VF34 Turbo $825.00 Shipped!!

Intake Combos
Buy any These Intake Combos and For That Touch of Bling Add a C-West Carbon Fiber MAF Cover For $50

Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose

Injen Wrinkle Red CAI & Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose $425 Shipped
Apexi Power Intake & Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose $350 Shipped
Add Apexi Induction Box for $150 Extra!
ARC Induction Box & Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose $575 Shipped
Greddy Airinx & Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose $355 Shipped
Blitz Induction Cover & Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose $340 Shipped

For That Touch of Bling Add a C-West Carbon Fiber MAF Cover To Any Intake Combo For $50 More


Call in to order!
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and paypal.
[email protected], please specify vehicle, part, and your info.

Gruppe-S Sales
20521 Teresita Way
Lake Forest, CA 92630
949-457-1234 x 2
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