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Default Ok so my engine caught on fire today

I just finished installing my "hybrid" engine 2.5 sti block on ported and polished wrx heads tgv completly deleted no sensors, vf30 turbo, 650 cc dw injectors, catless uppipe and a cobb intake. I think i got all the vacume leaks down except i dont know what to do with the vacum lines that went to the tgv valves. So anyways after i thought i fixed all the vacume lines i realized that i had a leak out of the coolant line on the turbo but it wasnt leaking much so i said screw it and tryed driving it around the neighborhood really quick with no boost and barely 1/4 throttle jsut to make sure everything was ok. so i get back to my house and my friend screams your cars on fire! so i crap out a brick real quick run over panic and my first instinct was to spit on the fire lol so after i hocked a loogie on it i sprinted for the hose ( the fire which seemed to be coming from the cross pipe for some weird reason then went out and i started up the engine about 20 mins later and it was fine no more fire. what the heck caused this? could coolant dripping on the hot pipe cause it to ignite? i also finally got the codes to go away which were p0500 p1518 p1591 p0136 p0131 and p0132. also the car was driving retardedly rough on the map that i tryed flashing to it which was off of a nother hybrid that was having knock problems under WOT but i just wanted a map to get it to the tuner. So im not even sure wether or not its a vacume leak thats causeing this roughness or does the car need to be tuned that bad any help or sugestions would be great guys
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