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Default Redline Time Attack Summit Point Video Air Time Baby!

All I can say is yikes as most of us in the unlimited class were airborne just after the bridge. Itís hard to tell in the video but wait until the pictures from the event come out. The JIC suspension seemed to handle it well however and the car was in great control without bottoming out. 2007 Web2.wmv

We recently upgraded to a Cusco 1.5 way rear diff (Thank you for getting that setup for Element Tuning) after blowing the OEM STi unit. Without any track time to break in the rear differential I showed up Sunday to race to a big surprise. The lockup was so aggressive that I had people coming up to me asking if we had converted our car to rear wheel drive as I was drifting huge all over the place. Man this was unexpected but definitely a step in the right direction to get rid of corner exit understeer. This was definitely exacerbated by my inability to build any heat into our rear Hoosiers as temps never broke much above 160F given the short race format. The aggressive lock up also had the front pushing on entry and massive oversteer on exit, really making the car very uncomfortable for me to drive. The tire temps played a big role here but also the track is very slow and our downforce really wasnít working to our advantage at these speeds. Once we get the car set up for the new diff I think it's going to be a huge improvement.

I have also been running the new 6 Gun Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends and I think this was the ultimate test of durability. From my quick visual inspection they appear to have held up perfectly but we'll give them a much closer look as we prep for VIR.

This was our first true ďUnlimitedĒ race and itís extremely competitive with most teams +100 whp and 300-400 lbs less. This was the first time I ran our STI here and the second time Iíve run this track but I just searched for traction where I could find it which had me very slow in, hugging the inside line, and then doing my best to power out cleanly. Itís definitely not the fastest way around the track but it was the only way I could stay comfortable and consistent. Congratulations to all the winning teams and drivers!

Weíre off to VIR next week for GT Live where the car has been tested and setup so Iím looking forward to being in my element. Iíll be sharing driving duties with Tarzan Yamada that weekend, with me driving only for setup and him for racing. It will be nice to compare our times in the same car at the same track. Since this track is much higher speed with long sweepers we havenít had any issues getting the tires up to temp so for the most part Iíve decided not to change much on the setup. We will add some limited slip additive to reduce initial lockup on the Cusco differential which should help on both corner entry and exit. Weíll play with the formula until it feels just right.

Phil Grabow
Element Tuning
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