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Default Pics!

Originally posted by ej25turbo
Do you have any pictures of your set up on your OBS?
I don't think I have ANY pics of it or at least pics of it with the intercooler. I'll have to check around to see if I can find some.

Originally posted by ej25turbo
Did you do anything special with the fuel system(ie. injectors,fuel pump,additional injectors,etc.)
Not really! The only thing I did was richen up the fuel by adjusting a Hyper SFC (Simple Fuel Controller). Later I purchased an aftermarket fuel pump from RalliSpec just for safety's sake. Even before the RalliSpec pump, air/fuel ratios where right on point.

Problem was I kept learning more and more about tuning our engine for turbocharging from this site and everything just started to seem like 'dumb luck' (like what was said above). Everything just seemed to work as if I had upgraded my fuel injectors, the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, etc, etc but it was all stock. So I chickened out and sold everything as the car kept getting faster.

So as you can see I'm at a bit of a crossroads as to how things are supposed to work and how things did work.

The main two things I concentrated on each run was making sure my air/fuel ratio was rich (.89-.94 *was using DSM tuning advice*) and making sure my EGT's weren't going over 1600F. My EGT's with the nitrous was actually 1250F but I believe this was because of the position of the EGT sensor. I was told it was reading -200F to low so I estimated I had never run over 1450F with nitrous. It really cooled things down and everything just seemed safe.

So according to my experience, this is a PERFECT setup but tuning wise from this board (as well as the internet), a stock engine isn't supposed to be able to handle turbo/nitrous (one or the other yes) because of the stock fuel system. ???? So take it for what it's worth.
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