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I'll try to answer all these questions in one post.

1. It's 2 or 3 hp over the CAI design. Which is about = to the hacked silencer setup. Most of the CAIs on the market make power by leaning out the car with a false mas reading (i.e. the they tell the ecu there is less air going into the motor than there really is) and once you correct that signal so that you get the proper A/R reading your actually at about the same power as the stock box with a hacked silencer. When you use a short pod setup, there seems to be another 2 to 3 hp to be gained over a CAI or hacked silencer setup on stage 2 up to stage 4. I assume the gains are similar on a stage 1 or stock car, but we've not tested the hacked injen on stage 1.

2. The difference then between a stock box with a hacked silencer and a hacked injen is really only about 2-3 hp. Makes most CAIs not really worth it does it? We've had cars with stock air boxes make 290hp on the dyno. The stock system is just not that restrictive. At least the biggest restriction is not the air box.

3. There is no new map for the hacked injen vs. the standard injen map.

4. The TXS intake will be a short pod style setup with proper a proper mas housing size similar to an Injen that has been hacked, but with a bit better sensor placement in the mas housing.

5. For the most part the short ram pod types make a few more hp than the stock air box. The difference is really not huge, and until you replace the inlet hose I don't see you making huge gains with a free flowing intake.

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