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Thanks Nathan for your answers. They were pretty much what I thought you were going to say however.

Not to put you on the spot but what I don't understand is why TurboXS (and Vishnu for that matter) don't use a LARGE CAI and tune appropriately for it. What I'm getting at is more like the way Cobb tunes the Unichip.

Physics tell us with out a doubt that colder air going into the turbo will equal colder air coming out of the turbo. The intercooler is of no concern because it will try and lower temperatures even lower. The colder the air going into the intercooler the colder the air coming out of the intercooler and the more oxygen going into the engine. It may not be huge but every little bit helps (just like "porting" does).

The trick to this is of course picking a presently made CAI, or designing one yourself. The AEM or Cobb/APS intakes seem to have the best design and I would say probably the APS has a lot of R&D behind it. Once the correct ratio is figured out for the intake it should be pretty easy to compensate correctly in the Unichip for it and be able to add fuel accordingly.

I agree that the end result will be the same "safe" Air to Fuel ratio that we already have. The BENEFIT is that more air and fuel can get into the engine QUICKER and it will be COLDER. This in a sense is the same with lightened pulleys. You can rev up quicker and the engine follows the throttle position slightly quicker.

Oh, just came back and added this part. The reason the hacked Injen intake is making slightly more horse power (even though it's hotter air) IS BECAUSE there is a flow restriction. By cutting the intake you are allowing air to pass through the tube quicker. Now if you have a bigger tube with proper flow, sucking colder air that is COMPENSATED for correctly in the Unichip I bet you see even better horse power from the system.

I think most of the present Unichip tuners have dropped the ball a little on pushing the envelope with the intake because the "dyno" showed no difference. Of course the dyno won't show a difference unless the system is tuned properly for the part. As an example look at dynos for the FP turbo when it was just installed using the stage 2 map. Then go back and look at it now with some proper tuning.

Doesn't this make sense?

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