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Originally Posted by iNfEk View Post
well i really don't want to spend money on a housing that will crack again you know? it doesn't make sense.


AZScoobie... I'm not entirely sure how but I believe that there might be a data logger in Enginuity. What data do you need and how do i drive the car when logging?

Will I need tune for the 34 or will it be a direct replacement. I'm really looking for something other than a VF series turbo though

I think you may just have a bum housing. I haven't heard of many IHI housings cracking except for the VF39. You could potentially throw the P20 housing off of you vf22 on the vf30.

The evo3 16g is a bigger version of the 16g turbo. It should flow almost as much as an 18g but with better lowend response. I had one on my ej205 and loved it. The only reason I changed that setup was because I broke my transmission and got a good deal on an RA gearbox and v7 motor. My motor also had 70k miles on it and swapping in a motor with 30k miles seemed like a good idea.

With the RA second gear, I'm getting full boost (~20psi) by 4500 and it holds out until redline. Engine load does taper- I'm not sure why. I have to investigate a bit. It could be cams, the TMIC- I can't see how that turbo is too small, but I'll get some post IC temp measurements and see what's happening. I can tell you that with a base tune @ 20 PSI, I'm already hitting 300 g/sec. I can't wait until the meth gets turned on.

If you want to have a lowend monster, I say put the vf22 hotside on the vf30 and call it a day. If you really want another turbo, the evo3 16g (or super 16g) might be fun. I bought my turbo from Jerry @ Deadbolt ( He can pretty much build you anything you want, so you might want to ask his opinion as well. I like the MHI turbos because they really start to shine with more boost and the v7 motor should take boost nicely. I would also recommend the 8cm hotside over the 7cm hotside, especially with the higher rev limit of this motor.

As far as logging, enginuity does have a datalogger. I could log the following:
ignition timing
knock correction
AFR (wideband if you have one)
Manifold Absolute Pressure
Engine Load
MAF Airflow Voltage
Primary Wastegate Duty Cycle

Try doing a pull in second or third gear and see how things look.
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