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Originally Posted by iNfEk View Post
thanks mike I really appreciate you and the others helping me with this.

This is my second VF30 that has cracked and others that I've heard of experience the same thing. deadbolt also confirmed the same thing as well.

What about the FP EVO3 18G? Over kill?

I currently am using a JDM V7 TMIC but will be using my APS DR500 FMIC after I get it recoated.

I'm not really chasing a number for WHP as apposed to having a smooth tune and smooth HP/TQ curve of this engine. It would be nice to put down some high numbers but HP doesn't always mean street ability though.

I don't have a WB02 yet and I plan on getting that shortly.

I'll do what I can and post up. Should I use external or internal wastegate setup? I know that I'll have to tune for the EWG but preciseness is always a plus in my book.


i'll see what I can do as far as a 2nd and 3rd gear pull to redline.
I'm running a 20g and like it a lot, so I don't think an 18g would be overkill at all. You have a choice between exhaust wheels on the 18g, I've seen them both with the td05 and td06 wheels. I think the 05 will sacrifice some topend but give you some more lowend response. I don't have any experience with the 18g directly, though, so I am speculating.

I'm running a USDM STi TMIC. I need to get some temp measurements to see if it's holding up. If you want to keep response, you might want to try and stick with the TMIC instead of the FMIC. If you look on, they offer a service where they recore your TMIC with a Griffin aftermarket core. I can tell you there is a lot less pressure drop on that core and it seems to work really well as far as cooling goes. I've yet to try one on my car, so I can't give you any hard data, but from the people I've talked to, they all like them a lot.

An EWG will make more power at the expense of cost and/or noise. It's really your call. I like stealth so an EWG doesn't work well for me, unless it was piped back in, which as I understand it, starts to diminish the benefits or having the EWG in the first place.

I think either the evo3 16g or the 18g will make you happy- I'll try to get some third gear logs tonight to show you how the power band looks for a larger turbo. I've got a while to go to get everything inline, but it's starting to take shape.....

Hope that helps.

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