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Default VR6 walks from WRX. No joke.

You guys have been waiting for this for quite awhile, and we now have the results on video. Lee is going to give it to Winslow tomorrow, and then we'll try to get someone to post it.

We took along our friend Corey out to the glenn highway to be our camera man. He weighs about 204lbs, and was put in Lee's VR6, so he had a handicap of an extra 200lbs. Didn't make a difference.

He walked me. The first two times we tried I downshifted and couldn't get into third. You'll see this once on the video, where he just leaves me like I'm standing still as I screw up. Moments later, we nail it perfectly. I was actually in FRONT of him when we nailed it, him being at my door. You'll see us gun it in 3rd gear, both of us standing still as our cars take off. He's starts pulling on me, then walking. Pretty soon he's hitting 105 and shifting into 4th. The first time we run, he ends up two or three car lengths in front of me before we run into some slight traffic. We shut down as he pegs 110.

I couldn't believe it. Neither did he. You'll hear it in the video when he says something to the tune of "I'm not sure if he was ready or anything" because he left me unbelievably quick.

We both started at 65 in third gear.

Run #2.

Again at 65, both in third gear, we nail it again. Corey doesn't show how far behind I am by the end of the second run, but Lee's speedo shows just under 120 in 4th gear as I'm at least four car lengths behind him. At this time, he was running away from me as my car barely breaks 100mph, in fourth gear. He was still pulling on me quickly before we shut down.

Believe it. I couldn't.

These were the contents of our cars:

ME - Stock WRX, 227hp, short shifter, K&N panel, lucky King Salmon fishing rod in trunk. Nothing else.

Lee - Jetta GLX VR6, garret chip (maybe good for 9hp), neuspeed p-flo intake, magnaflow exhaust, sport clutch. Everything else stock. He might be pushing 170@ the wheels. Handicap of 204lb Corey with camera. 30lb tool set in trunk.

We didn't lighten or take anything out of our cars. Simply jumped in and headed out to the glenn. Saw FIVE cops on our way out. Needless to say we weren't feeling too lucky. That all changed by the time we got there. Not a car in sight.

No bull**** on these runs. I didn't sabotage my loss, and if you don't believe it, we'll take one of you guys with us. In fact, Lee's willing to run a lightly modified one. Just FYI before the video gets posted, the roar you're hearing during the video is Lee's VR6. I put my exhaust back on, kind of got tired of dodging the cops and getting off the throttle late at night in my neighborhood.

The three of us went out there thinking I'd pull ahead of him as soon as we started, then he'd match or slowly gain. This was not the case. There was the momentary stall as both our cars reach equal speeds, which soon changes as he literally leaves me behind. We would have run again but we were getting low on gas, and we were coming up on small traffic. We did a u-turn at Fort Richardson.

You'll see the video yourselves.
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