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First off I got a brand new T3/To4e from Innovative turbo . When I first installed in my car I realized that blue oil was coming out of my exhaust for the first time . My oil drain line is as straight as can be and went in the oil pan , so I knew it wasn't it. Then I remembered a trick that the rotary guys use on their big turbos.
A NITROUS PILL . I'm sure some have heard of it being used on turbo feed lines . Well I put a 40 shot pill right on the fitting that goes ontop of the turbo (it needed some machining) and it FIXED the problem completely. maybe try a 50 hot and see if it fixes it then go lower . they actually say not to use anything lower than 60 shot.
oh yeah , my car used to smoke very baly when idleing a rtaffic lights i.e when the oil was getting sluggish and not leaving the turbo fast enough .
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