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Question Studdering on boost?

As you guys know i had a lot of trouble with my turbo after TRI installed it. Anyways ive started to have another problem creep up here.

About 2 weeks ago i would get some hesitation and stutter at around 4000 rpm when on boost. This gradually got worse and worse, and this past weekend i put in the svx fpr and did the parallel fuel mod, and now its horrible. Once i reach boost past about 3 or 4 psi the whole car just stutters and it doesn't really pull. The boost will climb to 6 psi like it should but the EGTs drop way down to like 1200 and it just doesn't pull. The thing thats weird is that at about 1/2 throttle i can keep it at 3 psi and pull nicely. Its just once i go WOT the car stutters.

I am possibly thinking its my plugs, and one or more aren't firing under boost. They are still the stock champions (i know, i know, im replacing them this week ). I have tried adjusting my rrfpr every way i can and it doesn't really seem to make that much of a difference.

I talked to Tom over at ludespeed and he said check that, and then if worse comes to worse get a compression check (which im really scared to do).

You guys (and gals) have any other possibilities to check?

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