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Originally Posted by BoostAddictPL View Post
How did everyone with the old-school Liberty RS/JDM Legacy heads out there mount their new USDM WRX coils?

I've swapped a JDM Legacy EJ20G into my '91 Legacy SS. I have also converted it to run with the stock EJ20G ECU and the 2003 USDM WRX ignition coils. The USDM WRX coils don't fit into my heads and I'd like to know how everyone else out there solved this problem.

One idea is to mount the USDM WRX ignition coils externally and run old-school spark-plug wires into the spark plugs inside of the heads.

If there's a way to mod the old-school Liberty heads, or the USDM WRX coils to fit in there, please let me know.

Pics would be highly appreciated


Look 2 posts up. I'll see if I can scrounge some pictures from the liberty board.

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