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Originally Posted by zsimpreza View Post
What exactly is too much? 1.5", 2.0", 2.5" (Tein S's/Tanabe DF210's/Cobb sport's?)??
That's a point of some debate. I didn't want to editorialize too much about specific springs (other than the S-techs). The S-tech FAQ has a lot of links that go into that sort of thing, though.
Originally Posted by zsimpreza View Post
Also, maybe you can put something in the FAQ about what springs are "good" and the others that are not.
Same thing. This is not meant to be a thread that reviews every lowering spring, ever. That would probably get me a lot of hate mail. Stated differently, this thread is not enough information by itself to purchase a set of springs - it can be used in combination with people's reviews to determine what's good and what's not. Also, I only have firsthand experience with a few of them...

Originally Posted by zsimpreza View Post
Which springs that will need you to purchase more than just the springs; ie: camber bolts, camber/caster plates, etc.
I'll try to work something like this in. Generally you shouldn't need anything other than camber bolts in the rear, because negative camber in the front of our cars is a good thing and I don't think any of the lowering springs on the market (AFAIK) give you *too much*. And even then, you only need camber bolts in the rear if you are getting a lot of negative camber.

In general you don't want a lot of negative camber in the rear but there are no hard and fast rules about "too much" because everyone uses their cars for different things. Something in the -1.5 to -2 degrees range is nice and safe. You may want less if you're racing (depending on a lot of other things of course)

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