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Originally Posted by Okeyd57 View Post
Nice write-up, and very true. Most people don't realize how much 400 whp is. I have a 20G, fmic, 850cc inj., Walbro pump, colder Iridiums, and a pro tune on my 06 STi. I have 2 maps. My 20G low map gives me 330 whp/ 310 torque. My 20G high map gives me 354 whp/ 368 torque. I run my 20G low map most all the time, and it's plenty of power for a DD. I only run my 20G high map when I want to take someone for a ride.

My point is that even though it doesn't sound like a lot of difference between the two maps, there IS a lot of difference in them. The 20G high map is not well suited for town driving at all. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm totally happy where I am, and I have no desire for any more power.

So, like he said, be careful what you ask for, because you might get it ! I couldn't imagine a DD with 400 whp ! I don't think most other people can either. If you still insist on 400 whp, then let me take you for a ride with my 20G high map, and see if you still feel that way ! Good Luck, Okey

Heck man I drive around 75% of the time with my Profec B turned off, which leaves me with wastegate boost (12.2lbs pretty consistant) only on my 20G'd FXT. Its still enough to eat most STIs for lunch. My 17PSI map is crazy and my 20PSI map, although not done (there is still a good amount of power left to tune into it) is just unreasonable
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