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Originally Posted by mugenXP View Post

your theory is that someone with a stock sti, 230whp, will upgrade to 400whp right off the bat, resulting in a big change of driving, which I agree can be dangerous. But who really does that? Who is going to really drop all that money AT ONCE to go from 230whp directly to 400whp? .

You would be suprised. Spend a while looking back the last year and see how many "I have 3k-4k-5k to spend and want 400whp" posts there are from people who have only ever driven a bone stock STI or even worse, WRX. Even if they have EM and an exh, it happens more often than you would think. It may only be 10% of the time, but with this many people, that's a lot.

Sure there are some people that say it and DO have the money and experience to handle it. But more often than not, they dont.

One recent guy said it, and he is coming from having owned a high power subby before, so he will be fine. But many others, Heck man just like 2 months ago a 17 year old kid who's parents bought him a new STI for his birthday, came in here with a 6k budget and was looking at rotated setups. Think about that one
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