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Originally Posted by hondaslayer View Post
As fun as the 22B is, a bone stock USDM STI will eat it for breakfast.

Stage 2 is no contest.

Well over 300chp (it was SEVERLY under rated, by at least 50+hp) and a lighter platform? How do you figure the heavy 300hp usdm STI would have a prayer in hell?

I mean you can take a GC8, stick a JDM V7 motor in it, leave it bone stock, and you run 12.6's if you drive it right. And thats with a VF30. The 22B had a larger turbo, and was a 2.2L motor. CHP was more in the 350 range, not the 276 they claimed.

Even if it WAS 276, it was a far lighter car. 2800lbs. Thats over 500lbs lighter than the USDM STI. It would need only 250chp to equal the 300chp USDM sti.
But it wasnt 276. And it wasnt 300.
It was more power, and lighter than the USDM STI.

No way in any universe would a stock USDM STI be able to keep up.

And it skipad'd at .96G.. That means the USDM sti wouldnt be able to keep up in the twisties either.
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