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but the problem is that the factory blocks arent going to have exact bores every time.
They use CP pistons, I think they have them spec'd for their motors, but again, its not going to be the exact same bore every time. I am no professional engine builder, but I know that a real built motor takes more than grabbing 4 pistons off a shelf, and sticking them in a new block. I cant tell you for sure what else it entales (sp?) but I know it takes more than that to do it right. I dont doubt that Ron does more than just stuff pistons into holes, but I dont know how far he DOES go. One of us should start a new thread about it and ask for his input. Like a "what does it take to built a built motor RIGHT" thread.

I had an Axis motor in my 02 WRX (until I got hit head on ) and I will say that it was at LEAST twice as quiet as pretty much any other forged piston motor I have heard (short of the V7 STI motors) which tells me that there was a MUCH better fit between the pistons and cyl than most.
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