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And there is definately a [email protected]+ in it with nothing more than better driving. I am being told by more experienced guys that good driving would put it more in the 12.4-12.5 range. I dont know that I will be that good for a long time. BUT the up side is the tune is anything but done. Its still PIG rich and with only fixing the a/f I will pic up at least 2mph and a tenth. I am also only running 20PSI and plan on a 23PSI map for drag use (maybe 24..) so I am shooting for a [email protected] and I will be happy. I dont see any reason with some more practice and tuning I wont get there. But even at this point, power is vicious. Violent wheelspin through most of 2nd gear from a roll at times. 20PSI from 4k till 6500 or so tapering to 18ish at redline. And with more tuning it should hold 20PSI to redline no problem (redline is currently at 7100 and I shift at 7000. I plan on raising the redline to 7500 and shifting at 7300 or so. That will help a bit as well.

I plan on heading down once a month or so until I kill the clutch (I figure January or Feb)

So any time, let me know. I only really plan on going on Wed's though because I like getting as many runs(want 20 runs? go for it) as I feel like getting and I dislike getting 4-5 runs. To me for testing and tuning purposes, 4-5 runs is a waste of time.

Hairiest moment of the night was my final run. I launched hard and when I shifted 2nd gear the car tried to make a left turn. Not a little pull, but like rear end went 2 feet to the right. I was like "WHOA" but just turned the wheel a bit and left the throttle pinned to the floor
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