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Originally Posted by dtpebs View Post
Traded in my 06' for an 08' sedan. So far so good, feels a little sluggish around top end but it definetly spools faster. The clutch will take some getting used to, i stalled it twice while test driving it. The release point is so much lower than the 06'. Does anyone know what the black plastic latch looking things on the exterior of the car between the doors and roof are?
You pop those latches out to attach the optional roof rack.

Btw, I'm in Switzerland and have test driven both the 2.0R (non-turbo) and the 2.5 WRX turbo versions and I've been wondering about the clutch also. The clutch on the 2.0 is definitely lighter therefore it's easier to drive it in the city but the WRX actually needs a bit less shifting in a way compensating for this.
I assume the WRX clutch is heavier to put up with the extra HP but is there a way to adjust this?
The shifter feels a bit sluggish/notchy also, would a short shifter help that?

This would be my first Subaru so I don't have any experience of living with one yet. Here in Switzerland the WRX goes for $38000 with the Nav system so I better like it! However, on the other hand there are incredible fun mountain switchbacks in the Alps you can drive it on that will make you forget all the other stuff...

I also thought about just getting the 2.0R non-turbo which with it's 150 HP is just about OK, but it's $8000 less also including the Nav system. I figured you can't drive any faster than 120km/h (72Mph) on the highways anyways (the traffic cameras are brutal), it's easier in the city but it would be close to the same fun to drive in the mountains... maybe...what do you think?

I'll shut up now..
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