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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by soslow View Post
Specifically what compenents can be removed, replaced or moved to achieve as closely as possibly a 50/50 balance (without compromising comfort; i.e. not removing the air conditiong, I don't mind extra noise)? The car I have in mind is the 2002-2003 WRX so if a compenent isn't avalaible let me know..

lightwieght front bumper beam
relocate battery to trunk
carbon fiber front fenders (Are these paintable?)
alumanim a-arms
remove fog lights
carbon fiber front door skins
replace roof skin with alumanim or carbon fiber

Anythings else? are barking up the wrong CF tree here

there is VERY-VERY little(other than to make you poor and someone else rich) to be gained---if ANYTHING....from CF anything on the car......the fenders weight almost nothing and door skins waste of all that applies.

The roof skin is an idea, but $$$$$.

Threre are LOTS and LOTS of MUCH cheaper and easier ways to remove a whole ****pot more weight than any CF anything.

....keep lookin
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