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Originally Posted by soslow View Post
Thanks for the link, like I said I have searched and I already read this..

Uncle scotty.. I know that CF hoods are a waste of money from a weight perspective, but also the fenders and door skins? I have taken off subaru fenders before and while they're not heavy it would seem that between both fenders and front door skins there would be some weight loss (is alumanim an option here?). Just wondering how much though..

The ultimate goal for the car to have a daily driver that is dirt road and city street friendly, provides great handling on the curvy backroads and is fun to drive; I don't at all mind extra noise or a stiff suspension. Something like the effect of an BMW M3; except with AWD.. Nice enough for passengers who could give two sh**s less about 0-60 times and cornering G's, but fun and extremely capable when the occasion arises; including track time. Eventually I will be going for some form of an STi drivetrain swap. Whether it's a JDM 2.0l or USDM I havn't decided yet as that is down the road.

Basically I want the performance modifications to be more or less transparent to a passenger (excepting NVH levels) Not looking for a CF adorned I'm a street racer give me a ticket look. I will put a wing on it though *shrug* Anyone know if the rally wing from the 2001 impreza rally car is sold anywhere?

...stop stying to spend $$$$....spend more mind
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