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Originally Posted by spoolindc2 View Post
SWEET! Man I look forward to seeing what these cars are capable of... I love the fac that it can be possible to swich maps so easily by using the i-drive feature... I still dunno if I like the looks of these things, but I'm sure it will grow on me...

One question: Do you think that the newer sti's will be able to unlock more power than say an 07 sti, by just a simple tune and TBE? From what I've heard this version sti had slower track times at tsukuba than the previous models, although still faster than the EVO X
We will find out soon, when we can tune it with the AccessPORT, but they mentioned the I-drive could be called the M-drive (MAP Drive)

Originally Posted by darksc00by View Post
I know I am being lazy when I ask but, what does a stock STi of other years put down on YOUR dyno?
Originally Posted by marrenr813 View Post
Fools need to learn how to read.
Nope, its fine, i wasn't really clear about those numbers from our dyno or not. On the Dynapack, most all stock STI's put down 230-240WHP, and 260-270ft-lbs. But most of these were done in 4th gear, and 12 second runs. So if our 2008 STI makes about the same using the higher gear, then if we did it in 4th, it would show a bit more power. Before we go to far with the car, we will try some 4th runs just for fun. The problem is that with stock turbos, and a good IC, and exhaust, the TQ the STI can put out, might over come the holding TQ of the dyno (at really row RPM). Doing 5th gear solves the problem. For us its not about the number, more of the difference from one to another. So its good to keep things as consistent as possible.

Originally Posted by SubieFiesta View Post

it has the same long gears as the 07's right?

You got it! Basically is 2nd3rd, and 4th, which are longer. the others are the same as the 2006 STI.

Originally Posted by T-WRX View Post
Can't wait to see what a difference the exhaust AVCS makes....
Your telling me!! Hopefully very shortly

Originally Posted by SubieFiesta View Post
can you post a log?
I will try to do that, if nothing else, i will cut at past it in text format.

Originally Posted by DocDetroit View Post
I know it's really early to ask this. But just from looking at the layout in person, any feel for which existing aftermarket parts might work and which ones definately will not bolt up (headers, fuel rails, up-pipe, downpipe, catbacks, etc)?
Well, we have a fitment for the 2008 WRX right now, and the only thing that will not work is the TMIC. And the WRX TMIC might work, but at this point, a completely new TMIC will be made. Not that ours won't make power over stock, but the stock IC and scoop are wider than before, so we can make an even wider core!
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