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Originally posted by Chris02WRX

uhhhhh , I never said to wash with dish washing soap every time you wash your car.

When you clay bar you remove the old wax. By using dishwashing soap before and after it wil make sure all of the old wax is removed. After you re-wax your car then you use regular car wash soap.

I'm still not knowing why you would want to remove all of the wax. The wax isn't what you are trying to get rid of when you clay bar, its all the little crap that imbeds itself in your paint when you drive around. Just claybar until the paint is smooth and you wont ever have to use dishwashing soap. The claybar will remove whatever is mucking up your paint, I don't know why you would want to remove anything else. If You end up removing wax, great, if not, great. I've just had really bad experiences using dishwashing soap ( yes, I have actually tried what you are suggesting), and I have achieved MUCH better results on my car using just a clay bar w/o dishwashing soap. The dishwashing soap stripped the wax, but also left my car all streaky and gross looking.

Has anyone ever used zymol on their subi, just waxed a 7 series bmw with it and it came out real nice, and if so how does this compare with this zanzio stuff?
I've never used zymol on a subi, but I've used zymol on other cars before, and I wasnt INCREDIBLY impressed. it was good stuff, but its not as good as zaino in my opinion. I sort of hold zaino and griots on the same level as each other. I've seen fantastic results from both products. If I was forced at gunpoint to pick one or the other though, I would prolly go with the zaino. Thats just my personal preference though. can't really say why...
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