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Originally Posted by whoosh View Post
coming from a 3.0r, nobody would be happy.

the 3.0r was almost perfect for me except the shocks and the gas mileage

i probably should have kept it and used regular gas.

i also tried megan coilovers on it but with no success.

the 08 outback sports is ok for younger buyers but, not me.

its good on the highway and rides well over potholes, manhole covers and railroad tracks. for me, being in a suburban environment, a decent ride is a must. it corners very well with the stock tires and three in the car. it looks fine from the the outside except for the "altezza" tail lights. i do happen to like the 4 speed tranny for city driving. the transmission keeps the car steady with the flow of traffic instead of up-shifting and moving the car faster than the other cars around me as in the 5 speed. sound out of the radio w/sub-woofer is pretty darn good other than that the impreza has gone "cheap" just like everything else in it's class.

they took out the sound insulation. every time it rains you here ...tink ....tink...tink.tink.tink as the raindrops hit. at high rpm's the engine can be heard straining and wheezing for it's dear life. the interior panels use to be "soft touch" which set it above the rest of the competition. now it's "cheap" hard plastic. they took out the rear lsd and added vdc to what effect? start forward on the snow and the whole ass end flings around. gas mileage is not that much better than the 3.0r. i would have preferred an impreza hybrid but they, like always, lack the foresight to bring it to market. now what do we get in the future? friggen diesel. keep it. i'll wait for the next generation prius.

all in all it's was my choice. it was the wrong choice for me and will probably be a great choice for others.

it's just that this time......... i choose..............poorly

Hmmmm, my wife just bought a 2008 2.5i w/Premium Package AT in Silver. She traded in her 2007 2.5i AT.
Me, I own a 1997 Maxima with a 2004 3.5 motor in it (about 270chp and almost 28 MPG hwy 25+ city) So I can see the glaring differences between a "luxury type" car with a V6 and a base model car with a 4cyl. Here's my take:

I love driving my wife's car to and from work. Great stock stereo, LIGHTED controls on the steering wheel. Nice.

I love the look of her 5 door in silver, it looks much better than I could imagine.

The seats are fine.

It rains a lot here (WA State) and I find the sound insulation to be just fine. I don't hear the rain drops usually.

The lighting (headlights and fogs) is strong.

Road manners, excellent. Not as tight as the 2007, but pretty good nonetheless.

Wind Noise: Not bad. Seems average to better than average for price class.

Utility is great. No opinion here, it's not an SUV however.

Driver information center (MPG, temp, time) is a classy touch.

Appearance of interior in black is very nice. We waited a week to get the silver car because this interior in black is nicer than ivory to our eyes. The ivory is OK, but the swoopy dash and silver accents fit a black scheme better.

Our car has the 6CD, Gentex compass/Homelink mirror. Makes it feel much nicer.

The dash is hard plastic. Even my wife took offense. The 07 is padded vinyl. It LOOKS fine, but touch it and the honeymoon is over!

Door panels lack cloth inserts. All hard plastic except for armrests. hmmm, not very nice.

What happened to the water temp gauge? Without the temp gauge, the gauges look oh-so 1990 Corolla DX with red bulbs. My wife does not notice.

Seats are much lower, my wife is not happy about that. I am tall, but I notice it too.

the 2.5 motor needs either a 5AT or another 35 HP to deal with the old school 4EAT. This car is gutless. To drive around town is fine, it makes most of it's power down low and feels good until you need more. Then it feels asthmatic. Just like our old 07 2.5i.

Gas mileage, well not as good as my 270HP V6 maxima. Not even close. Our '07 2.5i only got about 23-24MPG. Not good enough for a 4cyl. Again, this car cries for more speeds in the AT.

All in all, a great car for my wife. And I like it too. keep in mind it is a bottom level car. For all it offers, it is still a great deal in my mind. AWD, great looks, nice stereo, above average performance in most ways compared to most cars in it's price range.

With AWD and VDC, 6 airbags I feel good about my wife driving this car. I'll keep my Maxima, but we feel the Impreza is perfect for my wife.
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