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Default RomRaider/Ecuflash getting started FAQ

Q: How does RomRaider allow me to tune?
You must first retrieve a copy of your ECU's image from your vehicle by using an additional program called EcuFlash (discussed below). A special cable, manufactured by Tactrix, is used to connect your laptop to the OBD-II port in your car (which is located below your steering wheel). Once a copy of your image (also known as a ROM) is downloaded from the vehicle's ECU to your computer, you can then use RomRaider to make tuning changes to this ROM. Once you’ve finished with your changes, you can then save a copy and transfer this edited image back to your vehicle's ECU in a process known as flashing. As long as you keep a back-up copy of your original image, you can revert back to it at any time. In addition to tuning, RomRaider also allows you to data log your Subaru to monitor the results and safety of your tune.

Q: I want to log and/or tune my Subaru with RomRaider. What do I need to do?
1. Purchase a Tactrix OpenPort cable HERE.
2. Download and install the latest version of Java.
3. Download and install the latest RomRaider software.
4. Download and install the latest RomRaider ECU definitions. There are two versions. Choose standard units if you wish to tune in imperial units (ex. psi, degrees F, mph, etc.) or metric units for metric units (ex. bar, degrees C, kmh, etc).
5. Download and install the latest RomRaider logger definitions. Choose standard or metric units.
6. Download and install the latest version of EcuFlash. Note: EcuFlash Windows versions 1.30 and later are only compatible with WinXP and Vista.
7. Download and install the latest EcuFlash ECU definitions. Choose standard or metric. Note: these updated definitions are only compatible with EcuFlash versions 1.31 and later. Note: If you are attempting to flash a CANbus ECU, you must use EcuFlash version 1.40 or later (do NOT use older versions).
Note: Some of the download links above require you to register to the respective forum in order to download.

Q: Can I potentially tune any Subaru with the OpenPort cable and EcuFlash/RomRaider?
NO, older models are not supported by the hardware and software. You CANNOT tune the following:
* ANY 2001 and prior USDM Subarus, USDM 2002-2003 Impreza RS/Legacy/Forester, USDM 2004 Impreza RS
* ANY 2000 and prior ADM/EDM/JDM Subaru, 2001-2002 (and some 2003) ADM/EDM/JDM non-WRX/STi models

Q: Which version of the Tactrix OpenPort cable do I need?

Q: How exactly do I install the ECU and logger definitions?
For RomRaider versions 0.5.1b and later:

To install the ECU definitions:

1. Download the latest ECU definitions file available HERE. Download the file of the units you prefer (either metric or standard).
2. Unzip the ecu_defs.xml file into your main RomRaider directory (or in another directory of your choice where it is unlikely to be moved or deleted).
3. Run Romraider and select "ECU Definitions" -> "ECU Definition Manager" from the menu bar.
4. If any definitions files are listed, select each file and click "Remove".
5. Click "Add" and select the location of the unzipped ecu_defs.xml file.
6. Click "Save".

To install the logger definitions:

1. Download the latest logger definitions file available HERE. Download the file of the units you prefer (either metric or standard).
2. Unzip the logger.xml file into your main RomRaider directory (or in another directory of your choice where it is unlikely to be moved or deleted).
3. Run Romraider's logger ("Logger" -> "Launch ECU Logger") and select "Settings" -> "Logger Definition Location" from the menu bar.
4. Select the location of the unzipped logger.xml file.

For EcuFlash:
1. Download the latest EcuFlash definitions file available HERE. Choose the file with the units you wish to use (metric or standard).
2. Delete the Subaru folder (backing up if necessary) in the Metadata directory specified in File->Options menu of EcuFlash (ex. C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\).
3. Unzip the new Subaru definition folder into the same directory.

Q. I'm having problems installing RomRaider with Windows Vista. What am I doing wrong?
Unzip and then right click the RomRaider installer and select "install as administrator".

Q: Why do I need to install the ECU and logger definitions? Doesn't the latest RomRaider download include the newest definitions?
The RomRaider software (starting with version 0.5.1b) does not ship with any ECU or logger definitions. These will have to be downloaded and installed by the user in order for the software to be functional. This is to ensure that you have the latest version of the ECU and logger definitions at the time when you first install RomRaider. You also want to periodically check to see if there are new versions of the ECU and logger definitions in the future as these updates may include bug fixes, additional tables/parameters and additional ECU support.

Q: I have everything installed and ready to go. How do I start tuning?
Read HERE (describes how to read/flash your Subaru ECU with EcuFlash).

The basic procedure to tune is as follows:
1. Read the ROM from the car's ECU with EcuFlash, if necessary (if this is the first time you are tuning the car, it is always a good idea to read the ROM, keep this original in a safe place, and tune from a copy of it).
2. Open the ROM file in RomRaider (File->Open Image) or EcuFlash (File->Open ROM) to tune. Note: After reading a ROM, EcuFlash will attempt to open the ROM for tuning if it is supported by the ECU definitions. Both RomRaider and EcuFlash are ROM editors, so which one you use for tuning is a matter of preference. However, only EcuFlash can read/flash the ECU and only RomRaider can data log, between the two.
3. Make your tuning changes and save (RomRaider: File->Save, EcuFlash: File->Save ROM or Save ROM as)
4. Flash the new ROM file (or modified ROM file) to the car's ECU with EcuFlash to apply your changes. Your changes are now permanent until the next flash even if power is removed from the ECU or the ECU is removed from the car.

Q: I'm having problems reading/flashing my ECU. What can I do?
Follow the troubleshooting steps here:

Q: How safe is tuning and flashing my ECU? What is the worst that could happen?

Q: Why do I get the error message “ECU Definition Not Found” when I attempt to open my ROM in RomRaider?
Assuming you've installed the ECU definitions and they are the latest version, it's possible that your ROM revision is not currently supported. You can post your ROM in the ECU and logger definitions sub-forum at the RomRaider site to see if someone in the community may define it for you (Note: we do not allow commercial ROMs to be posted).

Q: Is there a list of ROM revisions supported by the latest ECU definitions?
Yes. Check HERE.

Q: Can you give me a step-by-step on how to log with RomRaider?
1. Turn on your laptop.
2. Connect the USB end of your tactrix cable to the laptop and the other end of the cable to the OBD-II port on your car (underneath the steering wheel).
3. Start RomRaider. Select Logger -> Launch Logger from the top menu.
4. In the logger's Settings menu, make sure "Control File Logging with Defogger Switch" is selected.
5. Turn the ignition key to on or start the vehicle.
6. Choose the correct COM port for your tactrix cable from the drop down box in the upper left hand corner of the logger.
7. Select the parameters you wish to log in the left pane (the greater the number of parameters selected, the greater the sampling interval will be).
8. When you wish to log to a file, turn on the defogger. When you wish to end writing to that file, turn off the defogger. Each on/off sequence of the defogger will generate a separate file.

Q: Where are my log files saved?
In the logger, go to Settings->Log File Output Location to view or change the directory where the log files are saved.

Q. How do I open my log files?
Use any spreadsheet software that supports .csv files.

Q: Do I need to install EcuFlash if I am just logging with RomRaider?
Yes, installing EcuFlash also installs the drivers for the Tactrix OpenPort cable which are also necessary for logging.

Q: Do I need to connect the green test mode connectors to log?
No. These should only be connected when reading/flashing the ECU, NOT logging.

Q: Does RomRaider support aftermarket wideband O2 sensor logging?
RomRaider version 0.5.1b supports the following wbO2s:
Innovate LC-1
Innovate LM-1
AEM UEGO - functionality for the AEM UEGO is currently spotty

Q: I have further questions that are not answered in this FAQ. Are there other resources?
Try the primary RomRaider and reflashing FAQ which goes more in-depth on a number of topics:
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