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Well I'm a newbie to Subaru's so I suppose I should give my two cents. I heard about the WRX coming to the states a couple of months ago and it really interested me. Before then I knew I wanted a new car but I wasn't sure what to get. Hondas ARE good cars,.. and good values, but I didn't want something that everyone else had and especially in my area; something that every one had riced out.

I wouldn't have minded getting a BMW except that they are a little out of my price range and the community seemed a little too obsessed with having super expensive mods,.. and worrying about the virtues of leatherette over real leather.

So I came to the I-club boards after finding out about the WRX to find out more and I was surprised to see such and enthusiastic community. Better yet, the people on the boards seemed nice. There isn't the same amount of flaming and chest pounding that goes on with some other vehicle boards and that says a lot about the car and the type of enthusiast it attracts.

Sure it took a test drive to get me comletely hooked on the car, but knowing there were others that I could share my enthusiasm with is a very cool thing, not something that I got with my pervious cars (dont laugh,... a Chevy Beretta,.. and an Escort).

So I guess what I'm saying,.. is please don't think every newbie is coming in to dilute your scene. Some of us are here to enhance it or "Grow the pie" if you think in business terms.

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