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Dude... Be glad your not here... Those flucking hippies in the toyota prius's are moving chicanes. You can be going 80mph then they dart out in front of you, cut you off. Once they have road hogged the fast lane, They then slow down to watch the fuel computer and adjust their speed to get 80 miles per gallon. Then set the cruise control to 56.8 mph and roll.

I deal with them a few ways......

On th bike. I can split lanes... So I can sneak by them and scare the ship out of them with some loud ducati sounds... Gets them every time... Pass them sharing their lane. (legal out here)
In the car... I wait for a right lane clearing then pass them. once in front of them I brake check them. (not hard)
Brake check does a few things.
Tells them " hey, ahole get out of that lane. "
Also forces them to use the brakes and knocks them off cruise control. They almost always look in the mirror and get over after that point.

I have watch alot of people do this towards the little toyotas. Its becoming a real problem with those people.
End result I'm sure california will be the 1st to have a hate crime law made to save the pirus drivers.
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