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Default Digi-Q purchase update, please be sure to check!!!

OK folks, here's the list I have comprised from the posts and messages I have received. PLEASE CHECK IT OVER CAREFULLY. When you finish correcting this list, that will be it. You will be responsible for the purchase I make. There are some modification where the exact thing you want does not exist as a DigiQ. Some of the stuff I'm not sure my source has/is aware of. But I'll see what I can do. HongKongBeef, you're the one with the big change. I do not think your model comes with a controller, so you might have to purchase the "DigiPROPO" controller. It seems to retail for about $25, my source might have them cheaper.

Once I get a response from you I will confirm the price and total cost with my source. Then I will shell out the $700+ to make the purchase.

Oh, and by the way, I finally found Takara's web site!!! (The maker of Digi-Q). Here's the [definitive list] !

blue ej20 (1) Blue WRX

Kostamojen (1) Blue WRX (You wanted RC but there's no Digi-Q actual WRC)

justinm (2) Blue WRX + Black WRX

HongKongBeef (1) Yellow Penzoil Skyline GTR (you'll need to buy a controller,
this model is just the vehicle)

ancyC (0) ???

SeaDragonRex (1) Blue WRX

mchoo (1) Lancer Evo VII (Dunno if they have an actual WRC or not)

KillerTHC (1) Blue Skyline

secretaznboy (1) Black WRX

bobski (1) Blue WRX

joefong (1) Blue WRX

TurboWRXImpreza (1) Blue WRX

SLOMatt (1) Black WRX

javabean2 (1) Blue WRX
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