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Thumbs down Lou Fusz, Saint Louis, MO

I Bought my Subaru 2nd hand, its a 97 2.2L. Took it into Lou Fusz Subaru for a 60,000 mile service and a new clutch a little while after I had bought it.

I should point out at this point that I have owned a Volvo 240, a honda Civic, Accord, all MT cars and I have never had a problem with the clutch due to my driving. In fact I have never owned a AT car.

They performed the 60,000 mile service, and replaced the clutch with an new subaru clutch. Or so I thought...Shortly after my clutch started to make a horrible highpitched clicking noise. Took in to Lou Fusz they couldn't hear the noise...took it in again...they couldn't hear the noise...took it in again...they heard the noise, however said that they couldn't do anything as my clutch was aftermarket.

I said you must be joking I brought my car to you and you replaced it. You a authorised Subaru Dealer. Brian my service advisor didn't believe me, so basicaly called me a liar. I wasn't happy as I had driven down from Canada (I go to Uni. there) during a holiday so they could have a look at it

I contacted SOA via email, SOA informed me that they would investigate the problem.

Got a call from Glen Goebel the service manager a Lou Fusz Subaru/Mazda saying that they had made a mistake and I should bring my car in and they would replace the part. I asked at this point if I could take my car to other dealerships, he said yes any Subaru Dealership (in the USA) should repair the car under warrenty. I wish I had recorded that phone call.

However I later received an email from Subaru of America saying that Lou Fusz had informed me that they didn't have an Subaru clutch in stock and that I authorised the installation of a non Subaru part.

This is a joke as I was debating installing a ACT cluch or even an STI one if I could get my hands on one. However decided to go with an OEM Subaru clutch as I would probably have to sell the car in the next couple of years, and didn't want any problems.

At the time I was living in Canada so I took my car in to a local dealer, they said the problem was the throw bearing and they couldn't replace it under warrenty as they were a different outfit from SOA.

At this point I figured whats done is done, I won't make that big of a deal out of it as Lou Fusz is going to replace the part and fix the problem. How foolish of me.

Upon returning to Saint Louis I took my car in to Lou Fusz, I told Brian what the mechanic from the dealership in Canada had said...When I contacted Lou Fusz later on they claimed to have replaced the clutch. Although they had my car for two days I don't believe on and you might see why.

The next day the noise returned. I called Lou Fusz and they booked me in for the next week. When I arrived a mechanic rode in the car with me. He could hear the noise. I left...they didn't even bother to call me back so I called them later on that day.
At that point Brian said that they couldn't find the problem and any future work that I wanted to have done concerning the problem would cost me. He also decided to accuse me of abusing my car at that point, saying that the problem was probably caused by the old clutch as when I had brought it in it was fried. I say it wasn't fried, however it was going. I could still engage all gears, it only slipped if I tried to do it during high revs in 1st.

The next day I decided to get a second (well third) opinion so I took my car to Webster Groves Subaru. A mechanic sat in my car I started it, reved the engine. He turned to me and said that it was the throw bearing. They then decided to try and lubricate the part without going through/opening up the transmission. They said that the problem is caused by a lack of grease, and cleaning. However it could be a worn part or installed improperly...all points to Lou Fusz not doing their jobs properly. I don't see how they could have missed doing this twice.

A called Glen at Lou Fusz, he didn't sound like he believed me. Stated that he didn't understand how they could have caused the problem and missed it twice. I also don't understand, I can only presume that their mechanics are not up to scratch or very very lazy.

Webster Groves advised me to get all my receipts together and they will contact the area rep to see if they can do it under warrenty. Which is what I'm doing at the moment. I dont' think it will be as SOA only trusts their dealer and see me as a lier trying to get something for free. GRRRRR

Thats the reason I don't like Lou Fusz.
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