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Default How to change starter contacts.

This is a little write up for those of you whose starters “click” when you turn the key. While this is not the only thing that may cause your starter to click it is very likely one of the reasons.

Note: My car is a stock 98 Outback, 2.5L NA, 4EAT. I don’t know if older/newer or standard shift transmissions use a different starter or not, but I would be surprised if the internals are different.

I am NOT responsible for any damage you do to your own car, house or whatever. While this is not a difficult project, we all know that Sh_t happens.
  • Raise driver’s side of car and place on jack stand. It’s not necessary to lift the car off the ground as long as you can slide under it comfortably.
  • Write down radio station presets and disconnect battery.
  • Remove air chamber bolts 10mm and air chamber mount 12mm (yellow arrows below).
  • Remove the B+ wire from the starter and unplug the ING wire.
  • Loosen the top starter mounting bolt 14mm (red arrow above).
  • Remove the bottom starter mounting nut and washer 16mm. (I used a 16mm socket with wobble joint and a 14” extension, 3/8 ratchet).
  • Remove the top mount bolt and remove the starter from the top of the engine bay.
  • Remove the 3 solenoid cover screws then the cover. (yellow arrows below)
  • Remove the plunger, there is a spring and a little ball that may fall out also.
  • Remove the B+ post. Hold the post with a 13mm (it’s the never been used wrench in the back of your roll away drawer) the outer nut on the post is 14mm.
  • Removal of the other post and contact is the same as above.
  • Hold the contact with pliers and tap out the stud with a nut on it to protect the threads.
  • Press new contact onto bolt with pliers.
  • Reinstall is the reversal of removal.
  • Connect the battery last and push the CD back into the CD player.
My old contacts measured .056” thick and the new ones are .095”thick. The old plunger measured .066” thick and the new one is .080” thick. These had over 188,000 miles on them. The new ones are the two inner ones.

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