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Talking Defiant Suspension and Brake sale. Make it handle, make it stop!

We all know that for a well rounded performance vehicle you need handling and braking to be up to the task. If you add power, you should look at your brakes and suspension as well.
Some cars like the STI and the 06+ WRX have GREAT brakes from the factory, but even those can be improved. For the older WRX's and all of the Foresters there are BIG gains to be had with your brakes. And even basic handling upgrades can really transform your Subby, even the STI.

Or maybe you are happy with the handling and brakes of your Subby, and you just want to give it a less "4X4" look by eliminating some of that wheel gap.

We can help you with that. From providing advice and guidance and advice to help you plan out your mod path, to providing you the parts you need.
Not a customer of ours yet? No worries, feel free to contact us with your questions. Enthusiast first, businessman second< that is how I roll. At the end of the day its still a business, but this is driven by my love of these cars.

Lets take a look at what we can offer you.

Want to just eliminate wheel gap or pick up some handling without killing ride quality? Springs are an easy and affordable way to improve handling by lowering the center of gravity. They also help your car look better by giving it a more agressive stance.

TEIN S TECH springs
-- A real agressive drop and rates to match. These will give you that "on rails" feeling without breaking your back every time you hit a bump. Ride will be slightly harder than the S tech, but there will be less body roll.
Drop on an 04 WRX is -2.4" front and -1.3" rear. On an 04 STI the drop is a bit less at -1.6 front and -.9 rear. Rates aare 252lbs front and 219lbs rear.
The more agressive drop and higher rates give the car a more performance oriented setup than the H techs. The rates are still not too high for stock struts so you dont have to worry about putting them on and blowing your struts out.

TEIN H TECH springs

-- These are a great spring with a nice drop yet smooth ride. The drop on these on an 04 WRX is approx -1.8" front and .7" rear. On the 04 STI the drop will be a bit less at approx 1" front and .4" rear. Rates are 229lbs front 196lbs rear, which is a nice jump over stock but not enough to damage the struts or make it ride harsh.
These are the "perfect" spring for a day to day street driven WRX or STI.

Rates and drop are different on other years,
Springs available for many years and models

PM for details and best price!

A note on swaybars.
Swaybars make huge improvements in both handling and steering response without affecting ride quality or ground clearance. A lot of Subbies come with a TINY rear swaybar, as small as 13mm!!! Even the STI comes with small bars. At the most basic level when you have a tiny rear bar you can make a big improvement by going to a rear bar that more closely matches your front bar. In general its a good idea to upgrade the front as well, and on the STI if you only do one bar, do the front. A front bar yeilds BIG reduction in body roll, this improves steering response and ultimately front end grip. It acheives this because the reduction in body roll reduces static camber loss.
Upgrading the end links should definately be considered when you do them, and upgrading the rear mounts

Perrin swaybars
-PM for best deals!
Perrin Endlinks
-PM for best deals!
Perrin mounts
-PM for best deals!

Whiteline swaybars
-PM for best deals!

Whiteline heavy duty mounts
-PM for best deals!

Defiant Autospeed is also a Powerslot, stoptech and HAWK and Axxis pads dealer!

Powerslot slotted rotors, all years available
-PM for best deals!

Hawk HPS pads
--World renowned for increasing stopping power on your street legal vehicle. This unique Ferro-Carbon formula was developed for street performance using the safety and quality of Aerospace and Motorsports severe-duty friction technology. The HPS compound offers a higher coefficient of friction over stock pads and can provide you 20-40% more stopping power and higher resistance to brake fade than most standard replacement pads. Less fade means you’ll have a highly durable pad with less brake dust. HPS ferro-compound features increased stopping power whether hot or cold, long-life, less rotor wear, low dust, and reduced noise. All Hawk Performance products provide a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring products to be free of defects from manufacturer’s workmanship and materials. Street use only.

-PM for best deals!

Hawk HP+ pads
--These use a race compound designed to take the abuse of track driving and meet the demands of street driving as well. Designed for street cars that make it to the track once in a while (such as Autocrossers, Solo II, etc.) these pads have increased friction over the HPS, are a little noisier and dustier, but have a much tougher grip. For more frequent track use, or competition-only applications, consider the blue race compound pads. Hawk Blue 9012: Hawk Blue 9012 Compound pads are designated for race-use only. They utilize a medium/high torque and temperature compound with excellent brake modulation. This is the #1 selling brake pad material for SCCA. THESE PADS ARE FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY.

-PM for best deals!

Axxis Deluxe Plus

--The Deluxe Plus compound is an outstanding choice for those looking to improve performance over OE pads, but who insist on very low levels of dust and virtually no noise. The pad has a very linear torque output throughout its operating range, is very easy on rotors, and exhibits great pad life. Very low dust, low noise, low rotor wear. Street Only. Not for track use.
-PM for best deals!

Axxis Ultimate
--This Kevlar and Ceramic-strengthened compound offers far and away the best price to performance ratio currently available in a high performance street pad. Performing a proper bedding procedure is critical to the performance of this pad but once complete, you can expect truly world class bite, MOT, minimal rotor wear, pad wear, and noise levels. Dust is medium to high. On front engine platforms, the Ultimate is excellent for aggressive street and autocross use in the front calipers. It also works very well in the rear for aggressive street use. Street only.

-PM for best deals!

Want big brakes but dont want to spend big brake kit money?

The Powerslot+ big brake kits are just what you need.
Lets see what Powerslot has to say about them.

The Power Slot Plus Rotors have all the same great features of the original Power Slot rotors, but have characteristics of a big brake kit at a very reasonable price. An enlarged diameter rotor is used in conjunction with your factory brake calipers, and caliper relocation brackets to achieve massive braking power will still using many of the factory components. Heat is the primary cause of ineffective brakes due to fade. The larger rotor will result in more effective heat sink, reduced brake fade at high and low speeds, and of course a significantly shorter stopping distance.
The exclusive Vac-U-Slots machined into the rotor “wipe” brake pads clean, evacuate gases, and shed heat. When used with performance pads, Powerslot Plus rotors will provide superior reliable braking. Power Slot Plus rotors are manufactured to the highest tolerances of safety and quality. Slotting, unlike drilling, doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the rotor; drilling weakens a rotor and causes stress points that can lead to cracking and failure. Drilled rotors also lose considerable surface area compared to slotted rotors which means area for pad-to-rotor contact. Powerslot Plus rotors are made using the highest quality OEM replacement blanks. Power Slot Plus rotors always meet and/or exceed all OE specifications. All machining is done in house to Power Performance Group’s application specific tolerances to ensure optimum quality control. These rotors come with a flat black finish for a stealthy look.

-PM for best deals!
It should be noted that these require an 18" wheel in most cases as most 17" wheels will not clear these.
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