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My setup is a T3/To4e watercooled from innovative turbo . It sit a little tilted towards the turbine housing also . Lines are -4 feed and not too sure about the return if its 1/2" O/D or I/D , I'll have to check later . Feed is from sender unit and line going straight down and goes in the pan at a 45 deg. My turbo sits very high too . I had burning oil problems with this turbo since day 1 when it was brand new from innovative . I rebuilt the turbo when I got my new engine and ran the turbo for a 1000 miles when I was breaking in my new enigne and it was still burning oil. So I decided to use a trick that some people do and put a restrictor in the feed line which seemed to fix the oil burning problem completely. BUT , now that the engine is broken into and I'm starting to put boost on it , my turbo has started to burn oil again and leak through the turbine housing. This turbo has only seen 1000 miles of non-boost driving and during the first 100 of boost the problem came back . I'm going to give this damn thing one last try , I will rebuild it , enlarge the return line and maybe even sit the turbo evenly and not tilted . we'll see

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