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Your warranty cannot be voided

Well. actually it can, but for very few reasons:

1. The odometer cannot be verified:
If there is evidence the odometer has been messed with or disconnected at some point, SOA can void your warranty. This is because if your warranty mileage cannot be proven. You could have 60,000 miles on your car and if the odometer says 23,000, technically you would be out of warranty.


2. Vehicle has been in a major accident and repaired:
If your vehicle has been in a major accident, most likely there will be additional problems down the road. SOA cannot be held responsible for something related to an accident. Most vehicles that have warranties voided for this reason have a salvage title issued by the issurance company.


3. Your vehicle has a salvage title:
If your vehicle has a salvage title it is because it was in a major accident or under water. SOA cannot be held responsible for something related to water or accident damage.


There may be a few other reasons, but these are the most popular. Most have to do with accident or odometer fraud.

Alot of people think that because their car is modified or "abused" that the service advisor, the dealership or SOA can void their warranty. They cannot!! Most people that go to the dealer and have an issue with something not being covered STILL HAVE A WARRANTY. Their warranty has not been voided, their warranty claim has been denied. There is a difference.

For example, if you have a problem with your transmission and the dealership or SOA determines it will not be covered under warranty, they are still under obligation to fix your window regulator if it breaks, as long as the window regulator was not damaged due to outside influences.

If you modify and/or abuse your car, that is not reason for your warranty to be voided. IT HAS TO BE PROVEN that the modification and/or abuse caused the defect. And even then your warranty is not voided, the warranty claim was just denied. Other things on your vehicle not affected by the modification and/or abuse are still covered.

Most people think that because something was not covered under warranty that their warranty is automatically voided. They don't understand that just that claim was denied.

If you are ever told that your warranty is "voided", make sure they are saying the ENTIRE warranty is voided, and not that the warranty claim was denied. If they say that the warranty is voided, get it in writing and call SOA. Most likely it is just the claim that was denied.

It is also possible to get just portions of your warranty voided. For instance, if you have had your car painted because of scratches or you change the color, then only your paint warranty could be voided. The paint is no longer original so SOA is under no obligation to cover it. It is now the responsiblity of whomever painted it.

Sorry for the long rant, it just makes me mad when people slam dealerships and SOA for "voiding" warranties, when in all acutallity, it is not.

CLIFF NOTES: Your warranty can only be voided for few reasons. Most of the time it is just your warranty claim that has been denied. The rest of your warranty remains in effect
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