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Question Which is the correct way to reset the ECU??

1st way from MRT, this one makes sense and I think you could pull codes if you needed to:

MRT How to Tip
How to re-set your ECU unit.
ECU clear memory procedure is as follows for auto and manual transmissions:

With engine at operating temperature, turn engine off. Place gear shift lever into park (auto transmission cars only)
Locate the two ECU check connectors, for most cars they are located under the steering column and consist of a black plastic male and female connector, and a green male female connector. The exact location of the connectors varies with the different year models, but generally they are located under the steering column on the drivers side.
NOTE: sometimes they are still taped over with some small amount of plastic tape, so look hard, they will be there!
With the ignition OFF connect black to black and green to green.
Turn on ignition, do not start the engine, (and for auto transmission, cycle the gearshift lever from park to neutral and back to park ), depress the accelerator pedal to full throttle and hold for a few seconds, and then release.
Start engine and then drive for at least one minute, keeping road speed above 11 Km/h.
ECU is now re-set.
At this point the check engine light should start to flash the all clear signal (steady 1/2 second interval flashes). If the check engine light does not flash, or indicates some other sequence, there is a fault present in the system, and should be professionally checked for necessary repairs.
Once, stop the car and turn off the engine.
Disconnect the plugs.
Job complete

2nd way is to disconnect battery cable and reset the ECU and all radio stations

Is MRT's way just for UK cars?
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