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So after the dash was done, it was really starting to become something special and the "lets keep it reasonably stock" had gone right out the window. Ha ha.

Zak and I had grown from a business relationship to very good friends. I felt i wanted to help towards possibly pushing Mocom Racing forwards and offered to totally graphic the car as a complete rolling advert for Zak and his exceptional tuning work.
Now i have never seen graphics in a good light before. Certainly not on a road car. I hated them to be honest, so this next step was imo my biggest risk id ever taken with the car.
With that in mind i contacted Simon @ SJS Designs and explained how i really didnt like graphics, i had never seen them done well before and he had the task of changinfg my mind. I went to see Simon and sat with him for hours to try and design something, unique, original and motorsport orientated. If it looked tacky then they would be taken straight off of the car.. regardless of how much i had spent on them.
So i left Simon do finalise the design...

In the meantime, the car gained a few other items A custom carbon fibre fuel door made in the states. I thought this would be a different little touch as it wouldnt be that noticeable being partially covered in graphics.

Also a set of ported headers and lightweight pulleys had found their way onto the car along with yet another map tweek.

After a few weeks and alot of discussions, Simon finally gave me the final designs for the graphics. This was about as close to the real thing as it was going to get.

The car was taken to Simon where he spent 2 days fitting up the vinyl. The chequered sections are all digital print on white with black fades. These are also all covered in Armourfend to stop any UV bleaching, discolouration and genearal wear/tear.

I think my gamble paid off as she came home looking like this.

The elusive roof vent is coming up soon :lol1:
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